Lion One in the local Community

Lion One is active in the local community and sponsored local development to build a pharmacy dispensary in Navilawa village.

Our team was approached by students from Fiji’s University of the South Pacific medical student program to assist them with their community outreach program. Members of the Village of Navilawa (located very close to the Tuvatu mine) did not have proper access to the medicines they needed. They would often have to travel to nearby cities in order to fill prescriptions and access other medical supplies like the necessary medications, disposable gloves, a face mask for each person in contact with sickness, etc. This proved to be very difficult as transportation in there is scarce.

Our Managing Director, Stephen Mann was invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate with the community. Stephen got a chance to speak with the village chief, health inspector, government consultants, and local residents. Through these conversations, he learned about the rich history of the area, as well as some of the hardships that they face. Lion One will continue a strong relationship with the local community and looks forward to sponsoring future initiatives to support the region.

Photo: Managing Director, Stephen Mann at the ribbon cutting ceremony


Photo: Children from Navilawa village

Photo: Kava ceremony


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