Tuvatu has immediate access to key infrastructure

Tuvatu has immediate access to key infrastructure including an international airport, deep sea container port, and proper road access to the mine site.

The Tuvatu Gold mine is located Approximately 24 km (15 Miles) North East of Nadi. Nadi is the third largest city in Fiji and is host to the largest international Airport in the Country. The Nadi International airport is home to Fiji Airways, which provides international service through its partnership with an international group of airlines called One World Alliance. Daily flight service comes in through many international hubs such as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Only 35 kilometers away from Tuvatu is the City of Lautoka. Known as the Sugar City, this region is known as a hub for sugar cane production and exporting. With the growth of this industry, a deep-sea container port was established to service the western side of Viti Levu, Fiji’s most populated and largest island. The Port of Lautoka is Fiji’s largest Port for handling bulk cargo, specializing in bulk sugar, molasses, woodchips, petroleum, and gas. Lautoka services the shipping needs of Western Viti Levu and is the base for Fiji’s famed Blue Lagoon Cruises and Nai’s

Photo: Port of Lautoka, 40km from Tuvatu

Photo: Container ship being loaded at Lautoka

Over the last few years, the Lion One team has established proper road infrastructure allowing easy access to Tuvatu for all vehicles. This ensures that semi-trailers, fuel trucks, and all other service vehicles can easily access the site.  Lion One has built necessary bridges and set up other preventative measures to eliminate risk of potential flooding, mud slides and other common issues. This has also benefited local residents of the area who now have reliable transportation to and from major city centers.

For a country of just over 900,000 people, Fiji has invested heavily and wisely in their infrastructure. This has greatly helped the countries GDP as they are seeing strong economic growth year by year. The Lion One team views this as a great benefit for the future of the Tuvatu gold mine, and the country as a whole.  Our team is excited to work with the country of Fiji to contribute to the economic growth of this beautiful country.

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