Share Capital

Total Common Shares*: 117,629,462
Stock Options: 6,299,000
Warrants : 15,237,500
Shares fully diluted: 139,166,462

*Includes 8,946,812 CHESS Depository Interests (CDI’s) listed on the ASX under the trading symbol LLO. Each CDI represents a beneficial ownership interest in one (1) common share of Lion One.

January 1, 2020

Top Institutional Shareholders

Donald Smith & Co
Franklin Templeton & Precious Metals Fund
JP Morgan Asset Management UK
Aegis Value Fund

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Analyst Coverage

The following firms have initiated coverage on Lion One and have issued reports

Scarsdale Equities
Mike Niehuser, Analyst
Phone: 1-503-922-3191 Email:

Red Cloud Securities
Jacob Willoughby, VP, Research
Tel: 1-877-919-5979